LPIU Compilation : Remix/MASH-Up Contest

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LPIU Compilation : Remix/MASH-Up Contest

Post  chiragshekhar on Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:21 am

HERE YOU CAN REQUEST HELP ABOUT THE CONTEST, Any Audio Samples from Linkin Park tracks you need etc. For more on the Contest, read below.

Here we pesent you an interesting opportunity to showcase your talent.

We will be putting together a compilation of various remixes entitled 'LPIU Compilation Volume 1' which will feature the best remixes from the fans for the fans. Our team at LPIU will be handpicking selected tracks submitted to us and those who get featured on our complation album will get a REWARD. Do read the rules for the contest. The reward is an exclusive collection of Rare and Special LIVE performances by Linkin Park. Read the Reward Details.


1. You can use any Linkin Park/Dead By Sunrise/Fort Minor tracks or samples that can be mixed with other artists' tracks or you can make a standalone remix of a particular Linkin Park song.

2. Posting of others' remixes as your own will be immediately declared invalid and hence the contestant will be disqualified.

3. You can upload your mix at the Contest page on our website. (BELOW)

4. If you need samples of Linkin Park songs for your remix you can request it from us by posting on our forums (Requests Section).

5. Selected Remixes will be featured on 'LPIU Compilation Volume 1' and the winners will be rewarded with the package (contents are listed above). This Compilation will be available to download at our website. The availability shall be announced.

6. Contest will be closed on or shortly after 1st October 2011.

7. The closing date is subject to be changed if we have enough entries before the date prescribed above.

8. LPIU governs all the rules and regulations which may be changed and might be changed. However, the changes shall be announced on our site and social networking pages.

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